Time & Place – Program

Date: Satuarday the 30th of November 2013

Stege Church
Kirkepladsen 1
4780 Stege

Mønshallerne (Sportscenter)
Platanvej 40
4780 Stege

Program of the day:
Kl. 14: Stege Church
Kl. 15: everybody walks or drives to Mønshallerne
Kl. 15.30 – 17: Welcome drink & wedding cake in Mønshallerne
Kl. 17: Dinner at Mønshallerne
Kl. 23.30: First dance and afterwards party
Kl. 01.30: Midnight snack

We hope it is possible to fit everybody in to the cars to drive from the church to the sport center. The distance between the church and the sport center is 1,7 km.

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