Overnight stay & Breakfast

Overnight stay:
A lot of people has traveled far, to get to Møn (the island in the southern part of Denmark) and we will try to provide the opportunity for everybody to stay at Møn.
Either you can sleep on a mattress in “Mønshallerne” (the sports center where the wedding is held). There is one or two rooms away from the party where is it possible to sleep on the floor.

Another possibility is sleeping at Stege’s motel. The adress is: Provstestræde 4, 4780 Stege, and is close to Stege Kirke.
Double room: 105 €
3 persons room: 125 € (1 person on a bed loft)
4 persons room: 145 € (2 persons on a bed loft)
Extra bed: 21 €

Breakfast on the Sunday:
Sunday morning at 11 o’clock we invite you for breakfast in “Mønshallerne”. We will open all the presents durring this event.

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