Gift table

Thank you for all the nice presents. Both for us and Rebecca.

We got our presents to Stuttgart and we enjoyed them again and updated the list 🙂

Some of the presents we have to change, because they are double.

Bodum coffee maker
From Isolde (from the knittinggroup in Stuttgart)
Boardgame Smallworld Underground.

From Lene and Anders. Scoutfriends
12 whitewine glass

Rosendahl waterbottles. Model "Soft"

From Anders, Dorte, Jeppe, Thomas and Christine. Karina's uncle, aunt, cousins and girlfriend
8 cake forks, model Silke from Raadvad

From Hanne. Karina's mothers friend.
Cash 40 €

From Gitte and HP, Scoutfriends from DTU
Chopping board from Trip Trap

From Pia and Søren. Claes's fathers cousin and his wife.

Chocolate from Magasin
From Markus, Martin, Gerassimos, Jette and Jakob. Collegues in Stuttgart
6 Beerglasses from EB

From Stefan, Toastmaster. Claes's friend from DTU
4 Schnapps glasses from EB

4 Beer glasses from EB

From Jørgen and Stine. Claes's friend from DTU and his wife
Circular saw from Makita

From Lisbeth, Thomas, Signe, Tim, Andrea, Jacob, Søren, Amelie, Katja. Scouts and Karina's childhood friends.
Angel Grinder from Makita with brushes

Cooking book: the pantry of the nature

Trip Trap bowl, Ø 20

Ear muff and safety glasses.
From Kristine, Christian, Mette P, Birgitte, Mette R. Karina's friends from school.

Kitchen Aid kitchenmachine in red with slicer

From Conni and Claus. Claes's parrents
12 Coffee Latte spoons.

300 dkr. as contribution for bow building course.

From Karin, Rikki and Theis. Claes's aunt, uncle and cousin.
Big Chopping board from Trip Trap

carver knifeset from Global

From Tina, Casper, Linda, Alex, Frederik, Lasse, Vibse and Claus. Claes's scoutfriends from Møn
50 €

From Lone and Henrik, who looked after Rebecca at the weddingday. Claes's parrents friends.
Chopping board from Trip Trap

Christmas ball with "bride" and "groom".
Fra Anders og Mini. Claes's friends. Best man
Zwilling fork and knife

Chopping board from Trip Trap

From Inger, Povl, Marianne and Anne. Karina's aunts, uncle and fathers cousin.
Dobbel duvet, bedclothes and towels in white and blue and one with fish for Rebecca.

From Jytte, Karin and Thomas. Karina's godmother, her daughter and boyfriend.
Breadbasket from Georg Jensen

From Jamse and Christina. Scoutfriends
Gift voucher for "Kop og Kande", 250 kr.

From Kurt and Annedorte. Signe's parrents (Karina's childhood friend)
Balcony furnitures (Gift voucher).
From Elke and Herbert from Stuttgart. Elke is Karina's knitting mum, Claes's former secretary and godmother for Rebecca
8 Dining room chairs (Gift voucher). We have choosen some that looks like this:

From Linda, Karina's mother
Carver knifeset made in juniper from Laguiole.
This set:

More or less this color

From Terkel, Elisabeth, Christoffer, Sofie, Sahra.
Karina's uncle, aunt, cousin, cousin and wife.
Gift voucher for Imerco, 600 dkr.

From Morten and Rikke. Claes's second cousin and wife
Chopping board from Trip Trap

From Kristian and Anna. Scoutriends
Cash 70 €

From Jim and Jelle. Claes's fathers friends
Knife from Zwilling

From Luise and Martin. Karina's friend from MatØk (studies)
Piggy bank with 50 €.
Heike and Markus. Colleagues from Stuttgart
Heart scaped christmas plate for kandles.
From Lillian and Jørgen. Claes's parents friends

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