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Almost ready for take off

Now the page is almost ready. Almost everthing is also translated to English – hurraaayyy

In the weekend we write and print the invitations for the wedding.

Uuuhhhh 🙂

14. May:Unfortunately it took longer than expected with the invitations. In the weekend we will make the English invitations.

Almost done with the Danish page

Wauw, now the wishing list is almost done with links, pictures and more. Hope that it is made in a way, so that is it easy for you to use it 🙂
The rest of the Danish page is also almost done. Then we come to the English version. Everything has to be translated. Hopefully it is faster, just to translate, and don’t have to think about the text.

The Rings

27. april:
Now we have chosen the rings 🙂
Claes found a ring that fitted him and Karina had to order it. So after a lot of talk, trying to explain what size she wanted, in German, it seemed to succeed. So now the ring is ordered and we wait for them to arrive in the mailbox. Jubiii.
And they were much cheaper than the budget, that is always nice 🙂

For the curious people, the rings look like this:

Picture from

14. May:
Today we got the rings by post. Jubii, they are beautiful 🙂

DSC06488 DSC06490 DSC06489 DSC06496 DSC06493 DSC06491 DSC06495

The ship is launched

Now the homepage is in air and a lot of things has to been written.
At the moment I’m mostly concentrated on the content of the wedding page.
But the part about Stuttgart just has to be copied. This part is no translated to English, because you know most of it 🙂

Claes has made a page with the knifes he is building. This is a wiki page, and he started it already some weeks ago. Don’t know if he will translate it, but we can see the pictures.
Our webshop, SaiphAdventures, has been here all the time 🙂 and maybe some day we will translate it.

– Karina